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Elemental from Dotmatics the FREE Chemistry Sketch UtilityElemental is now a Universal App that support iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.Elemental is the Dotmatics chemistry sketch utility provided at no charge within many Dotmatics products. We are happy to provide this as a FREE app on the iTunes store.- Tap to draw chemical structures- Calculate cheminformatics properties- Tweet a Molecule!- Dropbox upload support & file association back from the Dropbox App- Open MOL/RXN files from E-mails (tap and hold an attachment)- Copy images to camera roll/clipboard- Double tap to undo- Sketch chemical reactions- Built-in Periodic Table- Email your structure as a MOL/RXN file and PNG image- Emails also contain MW, MolFormula and predicted LogPDraw molecules with ease!Suggestions are really welcome at this time. We intend to add a heap of features over the coming months and to keep this app FREE.